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2013 Aldebaran Financial News Year in Review

Hello All, 

 In 2014 we're going to start a series of blog posts that hopefully will be interesting and at the very least informative. With that in mind we wanted to take time to look back at 2013 as a starting point. It has been an interesting year to say the least. We'll hit specific stock and index news in a different post, but here are the Big Stories from an Economic and Investing stand point:


  • On the first day of the year we got a last minute deal to avoid the Fiscal Cliff. Tax rates went up on those earning more than $400,000.00 along with a number of those changes to our tax code. 
  • The President's second Inauguration 
  • Economy adds 157,000 jobs in January; Unemployment rises to 7.9%


  • Pope Benedict XVI announces he will resign. 
  • North Korea says they have denoted a nuclear bomb.
  • Winter Storm Nemo drops 40 inches of snow on Hamden, Connecticut
  • Debris from a meteor smashes into Russia hurting over 1,000 people
  • Economy adds 236,000 jobs in February; Unemployment drops to 7.7%


  • Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez dies.
  • UN Sanctions North Korea
  • Jorge Mario Bergologlio selected as new Pope
  • Higgs Boson particle confirmed
  • Congress does not reach deal to stop Sequester
  • Economy adds 88,000 jobs in March; Unemployment drops to 7.6%


  • Syria is accused of using chemical weapons
  • Boston Marathon Bombing
  • Economy adds 165,000 Jobs in April; Unemployment drops to 7.5%


  • Israel conducts air strikes on Syria
  • Fed Chair Ben Bernanke speech on Tapering sends the markets on rollercoaster
  • Economy adds 175,000 jobs in May; Unemployment increases to 7.6%


  • Edward Snowden and NSA leaks
  • Protests in Egypt
  • Economy adds 195,000 jobs in June; Unemployment holds at 7.6%


  • Whitey Bulger goes on trial for racketeering, money laundering, extortion, weapons & complicity in murder
  • Royal Baby Born - Princess George of Cambridge
  • Economy adds 162,000 jobs in July; Unemployment drops to 7.4%


  • Snowden lands in Russia
  • Amazon founder Jeff Bezos buys the Washington Post
  • Economy adds 169,000 jobs in August; Unemployment drops to 7.3%


  • President Obama seeks approval for military action in Syria & UN confirms chemical weapon use
  • Navy Yard Shooting
  • Government Shutdown debate begins
  • Economy adds 148,000 jobs in September; Unemployment drops to 7.2%


  • The Government shuts down for 16 days over the Affordable Care Act
  • Janet Yellen announced as replacement for Ben Bernanke as Fed Chair
  • opens with massive problems
  • Economy adds 204,000 jobs in October; Unemployment rises to 7.3%


  • Virginia elects Terry McAuliffe (D) and New Jersey elects Chris Christie (R) as governors
  • Senate votes to limit Filibuster on most Presidential Nominees
  • Typhoon Haiyan kills thousands and affects 4.28 million people in Philippines
  • Twitter IPO & Apple iPhone 5s
  • American Airlines and US Airways pass legal hurdles to merge into largest airline in the world
  • JP Morgan agrees to pay US Government $13 billion to avoid lawsuit on mortgage practices
  • Economy adds 203,000 jobs in November; Unemployment drops to 7.0%


  • Nelson Mandela passes away
  • US Government finishes exit of GM shares
  • Budget deal reached to fund government until 2015
  • We still have a few days and don't discount something else. 
  • Jobs number will come out in January. 

Quite a year.

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