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Happy New Year And New Commitments

Happy New Year! 

 As each new year begins, millions of people across the globe make resolutions to improve themselves and to start routines that will help them reach their goals. Aldebaran is no different. This year we are going try a number of things to increase and improve the level of engagement we have with you! We will be posting articles on this blog as well as sending out updates via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. 

 We hope that you will find them useful and that they enable you to be better informed about the financial markets. 

 We start the year near the highs in the stock market and with a yield curve that continues to support financial growth. Rebounding earnings, a global economic recovery and tax reform have 2018 poised to be another positive year for returns. That being said the search for what will turn this market continues. We continue to believe that best path towards reaching your financial goals relies heavily on risk management. Avoiding big mistakes in your investments and making decisions based on facts versus emotion will be the keys to investing success moving forward. 

 We’re excited to see what the new year brings and we look forward to helping you meet your personal financial goals!




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