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Why Choose Us

Why choose Aldebaran Financial over any other investing and wealth management consultancy?

Our Perspective

Aldebaran Financial takes great care to understand every client’s unique monetary needs and goals—be it anything from corporate investing to personal retirement plans. We have the necessary insight into today’s turbulent market to ensure that you’re getting the best return on your investments at all times.

Our Performance

 With 70+ years of combined experience in our consultancy, Aldebaran Financial continues to build on its legacy as a forerunner of the finance industry. Our consultants maintain the highest level of certification, so you can enjoy personalized attention from a chief financial officer that has your best interests at heart.

Our Priorities

You are always our top priority. Your financial goals and dreams come first in everything we do. We don’t slap on a convenient one-size-fits-all solution or force clients to use specific models in situations where they aren’t needed. Each client is unique, and so each plan to guide you to financial security must be equally unique.

Our Process

Aldebaran Financial sets itself apart by taking the time to understand a client’s specific lifestyle they wish to achieve. This helps us craft a comprehensive investment and wealth management plan that makes that lifestyle a reality, including monitoring tax ramifications, market monitoring, and constant client reviews and reports.

Make the Switch Today

To make your transition to our accounts as smooth as possible, Aldebaran Financial voids any management charges for the first quarter that you’re with us. This gives you time to see exactly how we’ll guide your investments to their fullest potential.
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